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At Quiddity, we work with our clients to improve their business through research methodologies. We listen to their needs and challenges to build tailor-made solutions.


Quiddity Wagers on Colombia with the Help of Ana Maria Sevillano
Sevillano will focus on growing Quiddity in Colombia, bringing her expertise in market research, strategy and creativity as well as a holistic vision of the solutions the agency provides its clients.
26% of Colombians Cannot Recall a Single Company with Sustainability Initiatives
We did a study in Colombia on sustainability to understand the concept, its reach, the roles and posts entrusted with promoting sustainability, and the main obstacles the country faces.
19% of People Spend More Than They Earn
Quiddity Regional Director Veronica Rodriguez Celin spoke with the newspaper Clarin about the findings of a recent study on purchase trends and personal finance in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.
Mariana Rodriguez, the New Director of Customer Services
Mariana Rodriguez will focus on developing the area of social research and accompanying Quiddity’s growth, strengthening ties with current and potential customers.
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